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Tideswell is a thriving village in the heart of the beautiful Peak District countryside. It is home to the 'Cathedral in the Peak', which is well worth a visit.  There are plenty of local shops as well as some great places to eat including cafes, delis, pubs and fish and chips.  Click here for more detail on Tideswell.
During the last week of June each year, Tideswell becomes a hive of activity, fun and celebrations, known as Wakes Week, the highlight of which is the second Saturday, or "Big Sat'dy" to the locals, which sees the village come alive with a daytime carnival procession and an evening torchlight procession.  Wakes week begins with the Well Dressings around the village.  This is an anciet art which involves making pictures from petals, leaves, seeds and other natural sources.  This is then placed next to a well or water source and a Blessing of the Well takes place.  Some believe it dates back to the 14th Century as a blessing of clean water during the time of the Black Death, and others that it is a pagan ritual.  There are events around the village and surrounding areas during the week.  Tuesday is Litton night where the neighbouring village host games such as Tug 'o' War.  Each year the timetable is different and there will be a Wakes programme available during the week.

This really is a great week to stay at Riverside House. Explore the historic decorated streets, admire the welldressings, take part in the local activities and explore the cafes and shops of Tideswell.

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Riverside House holiday cottage, Peak District

  • Three bathrooms, one ensuite
  • Four bedrooms and sofa bed
  • Games room, wi fi, Sky, BT sports, log burner
  • Loads of space to spread out, huge lounge
  • Dog and pet friendly
  • deal direct with the owner, Wendy Boast

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